NATE - Well…I wanted to play the saxophone when I made the choice to join concert band as very young kid, but I could not get a sound out of it. The band teacher provided me with no alternative and handed me a pair of sticks, a rubber practice pad and sent me home, probably crying. However, if I saw him today, I would give him a hug. I shortly grew passionate about playing the drums and a love of music was born.  After high school I pursued basketball playing and coaching careers that temporarily put musical ambitions on hold. Getting started as a musician has occurred a bit later in life for me, so you could say that I am very young in "musician years," which provides me with a special enthusiasm, energy and excitement to play with A Girls Journey. I previously played drums for Minneapolis based bands Tweed and Distilled prior to joining A Girls Journey that afforded me an opportunity to play some of the best venues on the Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene.  I would say that I've been a Journey fan since first hearing, "Anyway You Want It" on the movie Caddyshack many years ago. So, I am now fortunate to be able to play that song along with many others in the Journey catalog live, loud and proud at a venue near you.